The Ghostly Gossip
It’s been a horrendously slow news day

So I suppose I should extend my congratulations to our resident West End star, for his casting in one of the most influential musicals of all time.

Well done to Mr Rumba (or I suppose my well wishes should be sent to Mr Jonas, instead) for landing the role of Marius Pontmercy.

Whilst it seems to be a case of coincidental typecasting, I wish you the best of luck in your rehearsals.

Break a leg.


Well, well…


Dalton isn’t stupid. Nor is he desperate.

Can you really talk about people being lonely when you spend your time stalking people, and talking about so people will like you?

Yeah, yeah, I get it; I like sex and you’re too much of a prude to find amusement in it. We get it.

But you need to back off, Ghosty.

Dalton cares. He’s so desperate to convince himself you’re not a whore. He’s knows it’s a losing battle, but…

It’s funny watching the boy try and fail to defend your honour.


Well, well…

I thought the pop star had learned his lesson, and given up on the slut.

Apparently not.

Well, he’ll regret that; a day in, and he’s already ogling the barely clad masses. As summer wears on, he’ll jut get worse and worse.

Oh, the heartbreak he’s setting himself up for!

Alex, do everyone a favour and keep your infidelity off the dashboard? Much obliged.


The End of an Era

They lasted longer than we’d have thought, but it happened! Jonas and the slut are finished.

I’m sure we can look back fondly at the embarrassment they called a relationship, but now I’m always sure we can all support them a they revert back to their old ways.

The lives of chastity and infidelity should never clash.

What happens next?

I’m sure it will be interesting.


Just… wow

Someone messed up the pop star really bad… 

It must hurt to have a boyfriend who lives by the works of Shakespeare.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. Isn’t that how it goes?

Well, he definitely loves all; and they all love him. Where does that leave the lover? Well, certainly not in the bedroom…

No wonder Jonas is so insecure. Poor boy doesn’t stand a chance against the masses of exes, potentials, and the plain whorish.

You boys… so hopeless.


New Girl!


Not fake, unofficial. Nothing about me is fake, mi espectro, you know this. I’m as real as they come.

I thought he didn’t want you? Isn’t that why you’re with Trouty and he’s with Jonas?


New Girl!

Welcome to the block.

Causing trouble already? I think I’ll like you.

The pregnant fake girlfriend cares more than the lover. Classy. You have to love Sassy!Tana


Oh me, oh my…


Fine. I’ll stop trying. But I know I’m right.

Stop that. Stop calling him that. He is no such thing.

… HuffleWhore. The blog’s title. He accepts it. Why don’t you?


Oh me, oh my…


This is ridiculous. I know that Alex isn’t lying, or acting, or whatever.

Then you should stop trying to convince me

You need to realise that you’re dealing with whore, not another Jonas wannabe


Oh me, oh my…


There is nothing to convince anyone of. After all, if you see everything that happens, then you’ll have seen us make up. There’s nothing wrong now.

I did. It was a touching performance. Oscar-worthy.

"Sorry I’m a whore! I don’t mean to flirt! Do you hate me?"

And the award for the most stirring tearful scene goes to…

But if you want to fool yourself…

Does your brother know you’re setting him up with a harlot?